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About Game
Genre:Action Adventure Horror(?)
Number of Player: 1
Engine:RPG Maker XP
System Requirements
For Microsoft Windows XP/2000 :
1.0 GHz Intel® Pentium® II
256 MB of system RAM
1024*768 Resolution
Not RMXP RTP Install
For Microsoft Windows Vista/7 :
2.0 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4
1024 MB of system RAM
1024*768 Resolution
Not RMXP RTP Install

After the explosion in Raccoon City, Ballad Town which has the another Laboratory of Umbrella Corporation, gets suspected by the police and government. One day, the police headquarter got suspicious phone call. A police force was sent to investigate for a clue. But no report were made back to the headquarter. You have to find them, and find out what was happened...

The nightmare is just begins...


The main character. Player can choose to be male or female, and can rename him/her. They are polices from New York who come to investigate Umbrella USA. They have been practiced with CIA. Therefore, they are good at using weapons. They can use most types of weapon in this game.

2.Lili Mariana

The girl who came into this factory for some reason. She got imprisoned because she saw the secret experiment. (In demo, it will be in the secret room behind bookshelf). After we found her, it seems like she is looking for someone...

3.Mark Organ

The scientist who just entered Umbrella. He is good and loyal guy, but he is also too easy to follow someone. The reason why he is working in Umbrella is because he got deceived. After he knew the real objective of Umbrella, he got imprisoned. He is able to escape after that. He knew a little bit about how to use gun since he has been in military. (In demo, you can use this character in "Escape Together" mode only)

Special Character
1.Ark Thompson

The main character from Capcom's Resident Evil : Survivor. He is good at using handgun. This character will not appear in the main story. He is lolicon. (?)

System Feather
This game system is look like the Original of "Resident Evil".
All of event control running by script.

Basic Control
You can view about how to play in "Guide Book Thai" in File Section.
Or play the Tutorial Mode.

Game Status
System : |||||||||||||||||||| / 90%
DataBase : |||||||||||||||||||| / 85%
Story : |||||||||||||||||||| / 25%
Graphics : |||||||||||||||||||| / 65%
Audio : |||||||||||||||||||| / 85%

Download Demo English Version 2.0: Click!!

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